‘Why isn’t my Apple Watch pairing?’: 5 ways to fix your Apple Watch and iPhone when they aren’t connecting


  • There are a few solutions for connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone if it isn’t pairing.
  • To begin, ensure that both devices are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and that they are within range of one another.
  • Then restart your Apple Watch and iPhone, as well as reset the network settings on your iPhone.
  • If everything fails, you can completely reset your Apple Watch, deleting all of your data and almost definitely allowing you to pair it with your iPhone again – just make sure you backup your watch beforehand.

The capacities of an Apple Watch that isn’t connected to an iPhone are severely limited.

If your smartwatch isn’t already connected to your smartphone, you’ll want to do so right now.

Why your Apple Watch isn’t pairing with your iPhone, and how to fix it

The good news is that Apple Watch pairing troubles can usually be resolved in a couple of minutes.

From the simplest to the most complex solutions, here are the best solutions to handle the connectivity problem between your two devices.

Move your phone closer to your watch

It’s possible that your phone is simply too far away from your Apple Watch, or that it’s hidden away in a bag or drawer, blocking clear signal.

Because the watch and phone are connected via Bluetooth, proximity is crucial. So, bring them closer together and see if that helps to solve the problem.

Check the settings on your phone and watch

They won’t be able to pair if your phone’s Bluetooth is switched off, or if either of the devices is in Airplane Mode. To make the connection easier, double-check that all settings are correct.

Turn your devices off and on again

To turn your iPhone off, press and hold the side lock button until the “slide to power off” toggle appears, then slide it to turn it off. To switch the phone back on, press the side button one more.

Holding down the side button (not the crown) and swiping to power off will turn off your Apple Watch. To turn the watch back on, press and hold the side button one more

Reset your iPhone’s network settings

Open the Settings app, then navigate to General to reset your iPhone’s network settings.

Find Reset in General, then hit Reset Network Settings and confirm the action by entering your password. Attempt to re-pair the watch now.

Reset your Apple Watch

Are you still having problems? Then it’s time to reset the watch. This repair should address the pairing problem, but it will wipe all saved data from the watch, so make a backup before proceeding.

Choose General, then Reset, and then Erase All Content and Settings from the watch’s Settings app.

Next, in your iPhone’s Watch app, click My Watch, hit the information button next to the watch, and select Unpair Apple Watch.

Everything should be as good as new now, and you should be able to sync your Apple Watch with your iPhone.


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