How To Play Supremacy 1914 on PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) & Mac OS

In this tutorial, learn how to play Supremacy 1914 on PC and Laptop.

Supremacy 1914 is an ultra-light grand strategy game in which you must lead your country through the trials and hardships of life in a world thrown into chaos by World War I. You can join huge campaigns with dozens of other players in the real world who are also fighting for control. Create long-term and short-term plans to help your people stay alive and your country grow. Once you’ve chosen a country to run, you have to build infrastructure, make an economic plan, and raise an army to protect your borders. Make deals with other countries and make a plan that will help your country through one of the most difficult times in history. Do you have the mind and courage to lead your people to a new Golden Age? When you play Supremacy 1914 on your PC, you can get lost in epic real-time multiplayer campaigns with up to 500 other players who are all fighting for control of the world.

Game Features

  • Macros: Skip the parts of a game that aren’t fun. Play Supremacy 1914: WWI Strategy with Macros and get the upper hand. Just record a series of commands and run them whenever you want.
  • Multi Instance: Why play just one game on your phone when you can play many on your PC? Multi-Instance lets you open several copies of Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy at once. Use the power of your different accounts to your advantage by doing more.
  • Multi Instance Sync: Use Multi-Instance Sync to get the most out of Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy. Use different accounts to play the game and build your own empire. Use Multi-instance sync to make all other BlueStacks instances do the same thing as the main instance.
  • Eco Mode: In Supremacy 1914: WW1 Strategy, you can find the rarest heroes by calling them in more than once. And while you’re at it, use the Eco Mode to make your PC use less resources. How to farm well. Do the best you can.
  • Script: Script is a powerful addition to the BlueStacks Game Controls that are already available. Now, in Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy, bind a group of actions to one key to make them easier to use. Use the “Script Guide” as a source of ideas.
  • Real-Time Translation: Waiting for Supremacy 1914–World War I Strategy to come out in a certain language? You can translate the game to any language with the brand-new Real-time in-game translation feature.
  • High FPS: In Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy for BlueStacks, you can face your enemies head-on. Turning on High FPS, if the game supports it, will get rid of tearing and stuttering. Always be ready to act right away in a heavy fight.
  • Repeated Tap: When you play Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy on your phone, you no longer have to keep tapping on the screen. BlueStacks’ “Repeated Tap” lets you switch to a better way to play games. You can either press and hold a key that’s been given to you to tap continuously, or you can just tap once to tap a certain number of times.

How to Download and Play Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy on PC

1. First, download and install Nox App Player on your PC

2. Once installed, launch the emulator and then sign in with Google to get to the Play Store.

3. Open Google Play store, find Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy. Select Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy from the search results. Install it.

Also, you can install Supremacy 1914 APK on Nox App Player.

4. To start playing, click the Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy icon on the main screen.

That’s about it.


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