CarX Street is a popular racing game that provides an immersive and fast-paced experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. While CarX Street is designed to be played on mobile devices, it is possible to play it on PC or Mac by using an emulator called BlueStacks. This guide will show you how to play CarX Street on PC and laptop using BlueStacks, as well as provide gameplay tips.

Download & Install BlueStacks

You must use an Android emulator, such as Bluestacks, to play CarX Street on your PC. Bluestacks is a popular choice for playing mobile games on your PC because it is optimized for doing so. This should only take a second, and then you can follow the installation wizard to install the application on your system.

Download BlueStacks 5

Download CarX Street

Open the Play Store, and log in to your Google account. Search for CarX Street and install it on your BlueStacks emulator. Depending on your network connection, this could take a few minutes to complete.

BlueStacks Performance Settings

You should check your emulator settings while downloading the game. To access these settings, click the gear icon. Set these in the Performance tab based on the performance of your PC. If you don’t have a lot of other applications running in the background, allocate a lot of CPU cores. The same is true for memory allocation. Set this option to Low for users with 4GB or less RAM.

Make sure this option is set to Balanced in Performance Mode. If your PC lags or otherwise performs poorly, this will reduce memory and CPU usage. I prefer to enable the high FPS option and set the emulator’s frame rate to match my screen refresh rate.

BlueStacks Display Settings

Set the display orientation to landscape and select a suitable resolution to play CarX Street on your monitor in your Display settings. You can also resize this window by dragging the corners.

CarX Street Audio & Graphics Settings

After starting the game, go to your in-game settings. Set the Music and Audio sliders to your liking in the Audio & Screen section, and adjust the Graphics Quality option to your PC’s performance. If you experience lag or stuttering while playing, lower the quality slightly. I prefer to set the Unit of Speed to KM/H in the example below. When you select Auto Graphics Quality, the game will adjust the Graphics Quality option based on your available resources.

CarX Street Controls for PC

You can change the controls from Buttons to Controller in the Controls settings. This will allow you to control the vehicle with your keyboard keys. Check that you have the correct BlueStacks device selected in your emulator settings, as this option may not work depending on the version you are using. Adjust the Sensitivity and other settings to your liking below.

Connect CarX Street Accounts

Finally, you can log into your Facebook account in your Synchronization settings to resume playing where you left off on your mobile device.

Playing CarX Street on BlueStacks:

You can begin playing CarX Street right away if you have BlueStacks installed. Here are some pointers to help you have the best gaming experience possible:

  • Use a gamepad for the best control:¬†While the mouse and keyboard can be used to play CarX Street, a gamepad provides better control and a more immersive experience.
  • Customize your settings: CarX Street includes a number of customization options, so make use of them. You can change the control scheme, change the graphics quality, and more.
  • Race your way to the top: CarX Street includes a variety of races and tracks, so try them all. You’ll earn coins as you race, which you can use to upgrade your car and unlock new tracks.

Can I play CarX Street on PC or Mac with a gamepad?

Yes, you can play CarX Street on PC with a gamepad for better control and immersion.

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