How do you transfer files between two phones? For most of us, WhatsApp seems to be one of the most feasible solutions despite its limitations. For one, you must be connected to a good Internet connection. And secondly, if you transfer via the conventional method, you might end up losing quality, especially if it’s an image or a video.

In such situations, a file transfer app is an ideal solution if you have both the phones nearby.

With over one hundred million downloads, Xiaomi’s ShareMe app (previously known as Mi Drop) is one of the popular file transfer apps on the Play Store. This app uses Wi-Fi Direct to share files among phones, and the good thing is that the feature even extends to laptops and computers.

Furthermore, this cool app isn’t limited to just Xiaomi phones. You can use ShareMe to move files between phones from other brands. So it is usable with a Samsung phone or a OnePlus (though OnePlus FileDash is pretty awesome too).

Hence, in this post today, we will see how to use Xiaomi’s ShareMe App to transfer files and data between Android phones.

Let’s get started.


When it comes to the interface, Mi Drop has a clean and minimalistic design. All the options are there right on the homepage meaning that you don’t have to go searching for a particular kind of file. On top of that, there is a cool search box for you to search for filenames or types.

And the tiles at the top makes the rest of it easy, as shown in the screenshot below.


How to Use Xiaomi ShareMe App to Transfer Files and Data on Android

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