Are you using Acer PC? Do you need to perform Acer BIOS update? But how to do that? In this post, we tells you how to update Acer BIOS through 2 ways. You can update the BIOS no matter whether the PC is bootable.

Acer¬†is a multinational technology company founded in 1976. Its products include personal computers, e-sports products and virtual reality equipment. According to IDC’s statistics in the first quarter of 2020, Acer is the world’s fourth-largest computer company and the fourth-largest brand among Windows-based personal computer brands.

It has many popular laptop series including Swift, Aspire, etc. Many people may purchase an Acer laptop. If you also use Acer laptop, sometimes, you may need to update BIOS. BIOS is a set of programs written into a ROM chip on the computer motherboard.

It stores the most important basic input and output programs of the computer, Power-On Self-Test programs (POST), and system self-starting programs. In addition, it can access the system settings specific information from CMOS.

Its main function is to provide the bottom-layer and direct hardware settings and control for the computer. It also provides some system parameters to the operating system.

Updating BIOS can fix bugs, optimize PC performance, and improve PC hardware compatibility, security, and stability.

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