In this we shall be working with Raspberry Pi 4 Model-B of 1Gb RAM for the set up. Raspberry-Pi is a single board computer used for educational purposes and DIY projects with an affordable cost, requires a power supply of 5V 3A.
Operating Systems like Raspbian OS, Windows, Linux, RISC OS, can be installed into it. The Pi 4 model has Ethernet, wireless adapter, USB Type-C port, and 40 GPIO(General Purpose Input Output) pins. Unlike the older versions the performance has very much improved with the Pi 4 model.

  1. Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (1/2/4 GB RAM)
  2. USB Type-C power supply
  3. Ethernet cable (1 meter)
  4. Personal computer

Step 1: Downloading Required Softwares

  • From the official download the operating system, here I’m downloadingRaspbian Buster which is recommended to get started.
  • Also, download the Raspberry Pi Imager from the same website, this is for writing the image file(Rasbian Buster Operating system) onto the SD card.
  • In order to access the desktop of the pi, you can either connect a micro to HDMI connector from the pi to a monitor or you can access it remotely on your PC/laptop. To connect remotely VNC-server has to be installed onto the pi by default the VNC-server is installed within the operating system, in order to view it remotely one has to download VNC-Viewer on his/her Desktop.


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