You can now do a lot with iPhone widget apps to change the way your phone looks. On the iPhone screen, the Zen Flip Clock app will show a flip clock with many ways to show the date. The interface of the calendar widget will also be shown. So that we can change the way the new iPhone works without being too picky or having to install and set up a lot of things. This article will show you how to use the Zen Flip Clock app on your iPhone to set a flip clock.

How to set the iPhone flip clock with Zen Flip Clock

1. First, download the Zen Flip Clock application for iPhone here.

2. The Zen Flip Clock app has a flip clock with the following interface.

3. To get back to the home screen on your iPhone, press and hold the screen for a few seconds and then press plus. Now, the Zen Flip Clock widget will show up. To make changes, click on the widget.

4. The Zen Flip Clock widget can then be shown on the iPhone screen in two different ways: as a square or as a horizontal rectangle. You choose the style you want and then click More widgets. On the iPhone screen, the results of the utility look like what is shown below.

5. If you want to change how the iPhone calendar looks, you can long-press on the widget and then choose Edit widget. Now that you can see the interface and change it, we can turn on all of this content to see more calendars on the widget.

You also download Zen Flip Clock for Android here.

Here is what the calendar widget looks like after it has been changed.

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