How to Schedule the Blue Light Filter on Android

The human body clock and hormone regulation are both heavily influenced by light. As the amount of light in the room dims at night, our bodies know that night is approaching and it’s time to sleep. We wake up and get energetic as the light levels rise, ready to take on the day.

Sadly, we now live in a world filled with light-emitting devices, making it more difficult for our bodies to tell when we should be sleeping and when we should be awake.

While we may not be willing to give up our cellphones, computers, or television time before night, we can minimize our exposure to blue light.

Using a Blue Light Filter on Your Android Phone

Aside from wearing blue light-blocking glasses, using a blue light filter on your smartphone is one of the simplest ways to decrease your exposure to blue light before bed. Most phones now include a blue light filter as part of their operating system.

On your Android phone, this’s how to set a blue light schedule.

1. Open the Display settings in your phone’s settings.

2. You should see a section entitled Blue light filter, Night shift, or Eye comfort shield, among other things, from here. Depending on which phone you have, the name changes.

3. You can change your screen’s color temperature, turn on the blue light filter permanently, or establish a schedule from here.

4. You can pick between an automatic sunset-to-sunrise plan and a bespoke timetable when creating a blue light program.

5. If you’re utilizing the sunset-to-sunrise schedule, your phone’s location service must be turned on in order for it to know when the sun rises and sets in your region.

6. If you’re using a custom schedule, you’ll be able to choose when the blue light filter turns on and off each day.

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Technology

A blue light filter can aid in getting a better night’s sleep. While technology has numerous applications in our lives, it’s vital to remember to put your devices down and give your body a break.



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