In this tutorial, learn how to make a Memoji on Android. All Android phones and tablets are covered by these guidelines.

What to Know

  • Create a Memoji on someone else’s iPhone or iPad, then email it to yourself over WhatsApp as a sticker.
  • Create an emoji with the app, then install GBoard to use it in text messages.
  • Samsung AR Emoji, Zepeto, Face Cam, and VideoMoji are some of the other Android apps that allow you to create your own emojis.

Can You Get Memoji on Android?

Memojis can only be sent using the Apple Messages app, which is not available on Android devices. Consider borrowing an iPhone or iPad from a friend so you may make your own Memoji.

You may then store your Memoji to your Android phone and utilize it whenever you want. The sticker may be saved in WhatsApp and used in your chats, for example.

To modify your Memeoji, you’ll need to borrow an iOS smartphone from a friend. Since Apple Memojis aren’t supported by Android’s built-in messaging software, using a third-party app is the only method to transmit them.

How Can I Make My Own Emoji for Android?

Despite the fact that the Apple Messages app on Android does not allow you to create Memojis, there are other methods to use your own emojis on Android. Because it works with the GBoard keyboard app, Bitmoji is the best alternative. To make use of Memojis on Android, follow these simple instructions:

1. Open the Google Play store, download and install Bitmoji on your Android device.

2. After forming an account, select the boy or girl to select a gender (you can change this later).

3. For your avatar, the app will then ask you for a selfie. Then, using the tools at the bottom of the screen, you may adjust it to your satisfaction. After you’ve completed dressing your emoji, save it by tapping Save again.

4. Install GBoard on your Android device by visiting the Google Play Store. Open the app and follow the onscreen instructions to set it as your Android keyboard’s default.

5. In order to insert a smiley face in any messaging app, pull up the keyboard, then tap the Smiley face icon that appears above it.

6. In order to access your Bitmojis, choose the Bitmoji icon at the bottom of the screen.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to get Memoji on Android:

What Is the Best Memoji App for Android?

The Camera app on some Samsung devices has an AR Emoji maker. After creating your own emoji, you may locate it on the Samsung keyboard under the stickers. It is possible to preserve your emojis as a part of a photo.

Other free Android Memoji applications may be found on Google Play, including:

  • Zepeto: Create an emoji of your face using your camera and send it to your friends via messaging applications. Zepeto is a free service, but you’ll need an account to use it.
  • Face Cam: Use augmented reality to create free animated emojis. For a little amount, you can get rid of the adverts and unlock more functionality in the app.
  • VideoMoji: You can use this software if you’re a big admirer of Apple’s Animojis. It is possible to transform into your favorite fruit if you so choose.

How do I get iPhone emojis for my Android?

Open the Google Play store, search for Apple emoji keyboard or Apple emoji font to utilize iPhone emojis on Android. Recommended programs include Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 10, Kika Emoji Keyboard, and Facemoji.

What are Animojis?

Your face emotions are translated into an animal emoji using iOS’ Animjois function. Supermoji and Animoji are two Android apps that are comparable.

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