How to hide Stories on Instagram

Instagram has introduced Stories, a new tool that allows you to capture, caption, and share photographs and short films outside of your regular feed.

Normally, your Stories are visible to all of your followers. Similarly, you’ll be able to see all of the Stories that the people you follow are sharing. This is where things can get a little overwhelming.

I have followed a lot of random individuals on Instagram because I like the photos they post on their feeds. I, on the other hand, am uninterested in their Stories, which are usually more about their personal lives than presenting gorgeous photographs. I’d rather not see their Stories in this case.

I also have certain followers with whom I do not wish to share my stories, thus I have chosen to hide my Stories from them.

We’ll learn how to hide your tale from certain people in this post, as well as how to keep other people’s stories from filling up your screen.


How to hide your own Instagram stories from specific people

If you want to ensure that only certain Instagram people view your story, take these simple steps:

1) Go to the person’s main profile page.

2) In the upper right corner of the screen, press the ellipsis icon.

3) Choose Hide Your Story from the selections that appear. On the screen, a notification will display to indicate that this individual will no longer be able to access your article.

If you want to reverse this, go back to the first two steps and select Unhide Your Story.

How to easily find out who your stories are hidden from

It can be tough to maintain track of your tales if you can hide and unhide them from certain individuals from their own profile page. To address this, Instagram has created a new section to your profile settings where you can see all of the users from whom you’ve hidden your stories. This is also where you can unhide your stories from them if you change your mind.

Go to your profile and tap the Settings gear symbol in the upper right corner to get there. After that, under Account, pick Story Settings, and Hide Story From. The individuals from whom you’ve hidden your tales will appear at the top.

You can also mass-hide your stories from certain people from this menu.

How to mute others’ Instagram stories

Normally, you will not be concealing tales; rather, you will be muting them. This means you’ll still be able to see them if you want to, but they won’t be presented in the carousel of stories in the same order. Rather, muted stories will show after all of the other stories that available previously.

For example, if I mute a user who just published something to his tale, despite being the most recent, this story will appear last on the carousel. This is a fantastic approach to prioritize the tales of the individuals you care about the most.

Simply perform the following to ignore someone else’s story:

1) In the stories carousel at the top of your Instagram feed, find the person you want to mute. We’ll block Cody in this instruction (melvco).

2) For a few seconds, tap and hold your finger on his profile icon. There will be two options available to you.

3) Press on Mute XYZuser’s Story.

The user’s story will not be fully hidden from you, as previously stated. They’ll simply be muted. You can see this user’s stories if you pull all the way to the bottom of the Stories carousel. As you can see in this screenshot, the users’ profile icons are washed out a bit, making them different.

By following the same steps and selecting Unmute Story, you can unmute this user’s stories.

This is a useful feature because it prioritizes the tales of individuals you care about. I must say, however, that I wish there was a way to entirely hide stories from specific users.

This’s all there is to hiding/muting Instagram stories. It’s worth noting that, for the time being, there’s no way to turn off Stories entirely, so if you don’t like it, you might have to live with it.

How to Unmute a Story on Instagram?

There are a couple of different ways to unmute an Instagram story. To restore Instagram stories, follow the procedures indicated below for both Android and iOS devices.

First option:

It’s a quick and easy method. You muted a tale but didn’t know the precise username, or you weren’t sure whether or not you muted him. In this scenario, you must proceed in this manner.

1. After scrolling right on the news feed, look above the screen for any greyed-out profile icons.

2. Then hold down the profile photo you want for a few seconds.

3. And then select the unmute option.

4. You’ll see your friend’s posts in your Instagram news feed after you’ve done it.

Second option:

In another scenario, the person you muted is someone you know. When you visit their profile, you can now unmute them. To make these, follow the steps below:


Navigate to the profile you’ve chosen. You can accomplish this by typing the username into the magnifying glass underneath the screen. Once you’ve located it, take the following steps:

1. Fing the following and select it.

2. Select the Mute option.

3. Change the color of the switches from blue to grey.

4. This is how you may remove someone’s mute status from their profile.

How to find muted stories on Instagram?

We’ll show you how to unmute Instagram users in this article. However, there are situations when you are unable to locate the list of persons you have muted. Visiting profiles one by one is a tedious process that takes a long time. Alternatively, you can examine all muted accounts in a specific list. If you’re not sure where to look for this list, we’ll show you how.

1. To begin, locate and tap your profile photo in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

2. Then tap the three horizontal lines in the right corner above the page.

3. Then select Settings.

4. Press the Privacy icon then.

5. You’ll now see a list of muted accounts.

Not to be outdone by Snapchat — aka the incredibly popular app that, even at 30, I feel way too old to grasp — Instagram announced the addition of Instagram Stories on Tuesday. Instagram Stories is, uh, just Snapchat for Instagram. Users can now share photographs and videos (along with text, emoticons, and Snapchat-style sketching tools) to a separate feed that does not shown in their grids and is removed after 24 hours.

Because I couldn’t even figure out how to utilize the basics of Snapchat, Instagram Stories appears to be a more accessible version for those of us who believed we were more technologically inclined than we actually are, and I’ll admit, it looks quite nice now that I know what it is.

However, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you might want to know how to ban people from seeing your Instagram story – either for privacy concerns or because you’re still learning the ropes.

Instagram Stories, according to the official Instagram site, is rather simple to use. When you first start the app, you’ll notice a row of tales above your regular Instagram feed, which you can access by tapping on the circle of the individual whose story you wish to see. You may cycle through all of the stories in the feed by swiping right and left, and you can browse more stories by touching on the image.

It’s also simple to add your own – just hit the add icon in the top left corner and share away. If your Instagram account is already set to private (i.e., other IG users can only access your feed if they send you a request, which you must approve), your Instagram Story will be viewable exclusively to your followers.

How long before they introduce the puppy faces #InstagramStories

— Andy Brown (@LawsonAndy) August 3, 2016

If not, or if you want to keep your content hidden from even your approved followers, you have a few options there as well. After you’ve posted your tale, swipe up to check who’s seen it and choose whether or not to conceal it from certain folks. Alternatively, if you already know who you want to keep from seeing your tales, you may go into your account settings and individually conceal your posts from your followers before you even post anything.

Regardless of the buzz surrounding the new update (and the fact that Instagram has pretty much worked out how to make Snapchat-style sharing cool for those over 25), much of the reactions on social media are focused on two things: the fact that Instagram has essentially ripped off Snapchat, … a renewed sense of disappointment that Instagram has released the stories feature rather than accomplishing what many people expected it to do, which was to bring back the chronological feed and include a “who follows you” function.


So we just gone sit here and act like Instagram stories haven’t already been a thing…called snapchat

— Landon Moss (@_LandonMoss) August 2, 2016

To the first charge, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom responds, “Well, sure, that’s completely correct.” According to TechCrunch, Systom stated that “[Snapchat deserves] all the credit” for Instagram Stories, adding,

This isn’t about who came up with a new idea. This is about taking a format to a network and putting your own twist on it.
Facebook introduced feed, LinkedIn adopted it, Twitter adopted it, and Instagram adopted it, and they all feel and serve different purposes now. No one, on the other hand, looks down on someone who adopts something that is clearly superior for presenting a certain type of information.

This should be Instagram new logo  #InstagramStories

— Vic Bre (@TheCoolestLame) August 2, 2016

So there is no denying that Instagram Stories is a method for Instagram to compete with Snapchat’s massive popularity, but Systrom claims there’s more to it than that. Instagram Stories are meant to be a way to bring back a more spontaneous form of sharing that existed in the early days of Instagram, when the app seemed to be all about perfectly curated feeds and edited, filtered photos (and where many users will often delete photos if they don’t earn enough likes or comments), and, in theory, this would help people don’t miss genuine moments because they were too busy to edit great for their feeds and followers.
However, it appears that many users have taken to using Instagram Stories to promote their Snapchat profiles, at least in the initial few days. It’s unclear whether this is a snarky response to what many believe was blatant plagiarism on Instagram’s side, or simply because Snapchat users are always coming up with new ways to expand their followings, but either way, it’s sparked some amusing Twitter conversation.

Instagram: Hey you can add stories here too!!
Everyone: Oh cool I’ll use it to promote my Snapchat

— SEGA Genesis (@notgeni) August 3, 2016

My favorite meme from yesterday… #InstagramStories

— Matthew James Morgan (@MattMO2Go) August 3, 2016

The popularity of Instagram Stories in comparison to Snapchat is still unknown — it usually takes a while for the collective Internet outrage to subside before the longer-term impact becomes apparent — but my guess is that rip-off or not, a lot more people will be sharing Snapchat-like updates now thanks to Instagram Stories. Mostly because it’s something that, when you’re old and lame, doesn’t feel completely perplexing to figure out.

The announcement that Instagram was adding a Snapchat-like “stories” feature is a big deal for most social media obsessives (and even laypeople like myself) . do you like every body can see your stories ?

But, given how large and intertwined our social circles have become, it’s quite logical if someone wants to hide Instagram Stories from some individuals, because, let’s face it, your long-distance aunt probably doesn’t need to see some of the things you’re sharing to Instagram. You’re in luck, my shady pals. When posting a “story,” all one has to do is go to the settings option – the little gear symbol — and choose “Hide My Story From” and then go to town. It’s similar to a function Facebook had years ago. You may determine who can see your content by using your social media instincts.

It’s kind of great because you can block stories on a case-by-case basis, unlike Snapchat, which requires you to establish a new feed if you don’t want everyone who follows you to see what you’re up to. It’s also a better method to post about that fantastic afternoon you’re having on a yacht (or in your living room) without bombarding your followers with the same old content. Because there’s the issue with Instagram: it’s all about capturing that one-of-a-kind moment, and they want people to do more.

I have Instagram Stories. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen…other than Snapchat.

— Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) August 2, 2016

Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram, admits that the idea came from Snapchat. Because it was effective. “They deserve all the credit,” he told Tech Crunch. This isn’t about who came up with a new idea. This is about taking a format to a network and putting your own twist on it. However, many users aren’t fond of the new story concept. Many people desired a chronological newsfeed, which they previously received. When the whole idea of Instagram was to see what people were doing right now, right then, take it or leave it, a recent upgrade made the stream more like Facebook, with more popular, liked posts gaining priority.

Instagram stories is the off brand snapchat

— Zack (@Pokediger1) August 2, 2016

The new Instagram Stories feature is frighteningly similar to Snapchat, and many users aren’t certain it’s required. “I hardly even watch Snapchat stories, you think I’m watching your Instagram story? LMAO SIKE” One Twitter user wrote, “LMAO SIKE.” While the intent is noble, each social network has its own set of goals. Facebook is great for keeping up with old friends who have babies and chatting with extended relatives, while Twitter is great for breaking news and Bachelorette live tweets. Instagram for a random feed of friends’ lunch, companies, and parody accounts that post memes you can giggle at while taking a bathroom break, and Snapchat for, well, Snapchat stories. Isn’t that what everybody does?

When it comes to the Internet, no one likes change. Fans of Instagram and Snapchat, take a break. At the end of the day, there was never much of a difference between the two social networks in terms of the end goal. They’re even closer now, which means everyone will have even more to watch through when they’re bored.





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