How to Get Google Search Bar Back on Android Screen?

The Google Search bar will appear on your Android phone’s home screen, regardless of whether you have a Samsung, LG, or Pixel phone. However, you may delete the App or mistakenly remove the Google Search box from your Home screen. We use Google from time to time for information, updates, and work scheduling. It’s simple to access Google Search Bar on Android by adding it to the home screen.

With a few simple steps, you can simply restore this search bar to your Android Home screen. Let’s have a look at how to get the Google Search Bar on Android.

Google Search Bar on Home Screen with Google App

Android includes the Google App by default. You can reinstall the software from Google PlayStore if you unintentionally deleted it from your Android device. If the app is already installed on your smartphone, proceed to the next step to add the Search bar to your home screen.

Assuming that you already installed back the Google App on Android device, now we have to bring back the search widget to Android Home screen. Come back to Android Home screen, and long press on the empty area in the screen.

Choose Widgets from the list of possibilities. From the Android Widget screen, scroll down and search for Google Widget. If you already have the Google App installed on your Android device, you may see the Google Search Bar Widget from the Widget Screen.

By default, the Google Search bar is 4×1 size. The width of the Google Search Bar Widget, on the other hand, can be customized to fit on the screen.

This search bar can be moved to the top or bottom of the home screen. To make this adjustment, simply hold down the search widget, and you’ll be able to customize and resize it.

Google Search Bar on Home Screen with Google Chrome

The Google Search Bar can be added by those who do not have the Google App or who frequently use Google Chrome. On Android, there is a widget offered by Google Chrome, as we can see with the Google Search App. When you search for something using the Google Chrome search widget, you will be taken immediately to the Google Chrome browser.

Before you begin, please download Google Chrome from the Google PlayStore if you do not already have it. To add the Google Chrome Search widget, select widgets by long pressing on the home screen. Scroll to Google Chrome Widgets and hit and hold the Search Bar from the Android Widget Screen. By long pressing the widget and adjusting the width and location, you can make it just how you want it on the screen.

Google Now Launcher (discontinued) for Google Search Bar

Google Now Launcher was an alternative method for getting the most out of the Google Search Bar. Google Now was officially terminated by Google, however, you can still install the Google Now Launcher (Link to the App APK: APK Mirror). It even has customization options for selecting what you want to see in various sections of updates, plus you get a separate screen side on the home screen dedicated to the google search bar.

Swipe to the left on the home screen to get to it. Aside from that, the Home Screen includes a pre-optimized Google Search Bar.

Get Google Searchbar Back on Android Screen

The Google Search Bar is a simple way to conduct a Google search. The Google Search widget also includes Google Lens and a few more symbols, making it a comprehensive solution. To run a Google search, you usually have to open your browser. This can be changed by adding the Google Search Bar to the Android home screen. Simply type your inquiry into the Google Search Bar on the Home screen to get an immediate response. With the aid of Google Now Launcher modifications, you can stay up to current on what’s going on in the globe.

In this video. we are gonna show you how to add Google Search bar to Samsung home screen:

Hope something helps you.

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