What to know:

Tap Me > three-dot menu icon > Dark mode on iOS. Tap the Dark circle checkbox to keep it on all the time.

Dark mode is not yet available on Android.

This article will show you how to allow dark mode on iPhones running iOS 13 or later.

How to Get Dark Mode on TikTok For iOS

Only the iOS version of the TikTok app supports dark mode, which reverses the light and dark colors so that the backdrop appears darker and the text appears brighter. The feature is expected to arrive on TikTok for Android, but no date has been set.

1. To access your profile tab, tap Me in the bottom menu.

2. In the upper right corner, tap the three horizontal dots.

3. Under Content & Activity, click Dark mode.

4.  Tap the Dark circle checkbox if you want Dark mode to be on all the time.

Alternatively, turn on the Use device settings button if you want TikTok to switch between dark and light mode based on your device’s settings.

 Tip: You won’t have to switch between light and dark mode manually if you use your system settings, making it the more convenient alternative. Learn how to set your iOS device’s appearance settings to automatically switch between light and dark mode depending on the time of day.

5. The appearance setting is saved without the need to press a save button, so you can return to using TikTok as usual by tapping the arrow icon in the top left corner.

On TikTok for iOS, you can change your appearance settings whenever and as much as you want. To do this at your leisure, refer to measures one through three above.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to get Dark Mode on TikTok for iPhone:

Why Use Dark Mode on TikTok?

In low-light situations, such as at night, dark mode is more comfortable on the eyes. It relieves eye pressure and is perfect for situations where you won’t be reading long paragraphs of text.

You won’t see any changes to the Home or Post tabs when you allow dark mode on TikTok. Instead, the presence of tabs like Discover, Inbox, and Me will alter.

You can not see much of a difference if you use TikTok almost exclusively to watch videos in your Home feed or to post your own content. Enabling dark mode can help you if you frequently use the Discover tab to look for new content, message other users, or access your profile.

 Tip: Do you want to change the look of your other social media applications as well? Learn how to use Facebook’s dark mode as well as Instagram’s dark mode.

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