In this tutorial, learn how to connect AirPods to a Windows 10 Laptop.

Do you want to use your AirPods with Windows 10? It’s quite simple and quick. Here’s how to do it.

Bluetooth is used to connect your AirPods. If you have a Windows 10 laptop on hand, you should have no issue connecting them. Like on the iPhone and Mac, you won’t have access to Siri or other AirPods-related customization settings. However, you can use them just like any other Bluetooth earbuds or headphones.

Let’s take a look at how to connect the AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max to a Windows 10 laptop.

Connect AirPods to a Windows 10 Laptop

Set up your AirPods as a Bluetooth device to rapidly connect them to a Windows 10 laptop. Put your AirPods or AirPods Pro in their charging case before you begin.

1. Go to the Start menu and choose Settings.

2. Choose Devices.

3. Choose the option called Add Bluetooth or other device.

4. Choose Bluetooth.

5. Open the AirPods’ Charging Case and press and hold the Setup button. Hold down the Noise Control button instead on the AirPods Max.

6. Keep holding until the status indicator flashes white.

7. Choose your AirPods as they appear within the list of Bluetooth devices.

8. Tap Done.

9. Exit Settings.

Use AirPods on a Windows 10 Laptop

You may use your AirPods to listen to music right away after attaching them to your Windows 10 laptop. To switch between the AirPods and any other audio output devices, choose the Volume icon in the system tray.

You won’t be able to personalize the gestures on your AirPods in Windows 10, but you should be able to play and pause music with a double-tap on the original and second-generation AirPods. If you have a pair of AirPods Pro, you may switch between Transparency Mode and Active Noise Cancellation by pressing and holding them together.

Use the Digital Crown to control the audio on the AirPods Max, and the Noise Control button to activate Transparency Mode and Active Noise Cancellation.

The microphone compatibility of the AirPods with Windows 10 is, nevertheless, often hit or miss.

When you’re ready to put your AirPods away, simply place them in their Charging Case or Smart Case. As soon as you take them out again, they will reconnect.

Here’s how to link your AirPods to your laptop again if you later use them on another device (such as your iPhone): Navigate to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices, choose your AirPods from the list of paired devices, and select Connect.

Change Your AirPods Name on a Windows 10 Laptop

If you’ve already used your AirPods on an iPhone or Mac, they should appear with the default [Your Name] AirPods name when you connect them to your Windows 10 laptop. In Windows 10, you can modify this to whatever you wish. Your adjustments, however, will not be carried over to an iPhone or Mac.

1. To open the Run box, tap Windows + R. Then, enter control printers and choose OK.

2. Right-click your AirPods and choose Properties.

3. Move to the Bluetooth tab.

4. Change or modify the AirPods’ name.

5. Choose Apply and OK.

6. To apply the modifications, put your AirPods in the Charging Case or Smart Case and then take them out again.

AirPods on Windows: Ready to Go

On a Windows 10 laptop, a pair of AirPods provides a decent listening experience. You should be alright as long as you’re prepared to cope with any microphone-related complications.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to connect AirPods Pro to Acer laptop:

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