How To Change Your Age On TikTok

Social media organizations have a social obligation to protect their younger users from inappropriate content, spam, and other users. You must be at least 13 years old to sign up for TikTok, and you must be 18 years old to send presents to your favorite creators.

If you’re younger than this, you won’t be able to make an account, or your account will be deleted soon. It will occur because children are not permitted to share videos on TikTok, since this would be in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Because the social media firm is known for deleting accounts with clearly false birthdays, it might be time to update your true information.

If you’re trying how to update your birthday on TikTok, it’s not as simple as you may think. There are no alternatives for changing your date of birth in the app. It may be easier to open a new account relying on your age and the age of your account age.

Changing Your Age on TikTok

Though it isn’t the most straightforward option, there is a way to correct your birthday on TikTok. Because you’re depending on TikTok’s support team to make the modification, you may have to wait a while for your real age to update. Here’s what you should do, as recommended by the TikTok staff.

1. Open Tiktok on your device.

2. Go to your profile.

3. In the upper-right corner, select the three-dot.

4. Swipe to find the Support section.

5. Press on Report a Problem.

You must show your age when reporting a problem with the app, and TikTok will change it.

Unfortunately, for verification purposes, you will need to upload a government-issued ID or a passport. These are the only kinds of identification that the employer has certified as appropriate, but it’s worth asking if a school ID or another means could be used instead.

Although TikTok’s younger audience is unlikely to have this form of identification, it is how the business updates your birthday. Minors can receive a state ID in most states at any age. You can probably get the required identity from your local DMV if you don’t have it already.

What if TikTok Deleted Your Account?

The corporation was obliged to take a stance on young users as a result of lawsuits. Unfortunately, this meant that anyone under the age of 13 who had created an account was erased. These deletions, according to some internet forums, are still happening today.

So, what are your options if your account was removed due to your age?

The first step is to open the TikTok app or go to the TikTok website and click the “Report a Problem” button. You can use this to fill out a form and make a complaint with TikTok. You’ll need to show a government-issued photo ID that proves you’re over the age of 13.

You’ll get an email with your videos attached if your account was deleted because you’re under the age of 13. You can save them to your computer or smartphone. There is a Chrome Extension that can assist anyone having trouble downloading videos from this email attachment.

Although no official word on whether the accounts would be reactivated once the user reaches the age of 13, it is unlikely. Many users had inaccurate birthdays, including the year they started their profiles, because TikTok deletes deactivated accounts after 30 days.

Editing Your Profile on TikTok

We all change, therefore it’s only normal that you’d want to update your social network profile. Maybe you typed in the wrong phone number or birth date, and now you want to update it.

How do you change your TikTok profile information? From your profile photo to your username, you can modify a lot of things. these ways will show you how to do it:

Changing Your Profile Picture or Video

It’s both enjoyable and engaging to change your profile image. You may always change your image in your TikTok account’s Edit Profile area.

The steps are straightforward.

1. Open your ‘Profile’ and press on the Edit Profile option.

2. Choose Profile Photo (or Video).

3. Set a new profile photo by selecting a new photo from your phone or taking a new photo.

Changing Your Username

If you want to establish a devoted audience, don’t alter your username because it’s something people will know you by. You can, however, do it if you want to.

1. Go to your Profile and open Edit Profile.

2.  Before changing your new username, delete your current one.

                NoteFor the next 30 days, you won’t be able to modify it.


Changing Your App Language

Using social media to practice your language abilities might be beneficial. Here are the actions you should take if you want to change the language of your current app.

1. Go to your Profile.

2. Select the Settings icon.

3. Locate and open the Language tab.

4. Choose the App Language option and choose a desired language from the list.

At the time of writing, there were 39 languages accessible.

Deleting Your Account

You might be tired of making modifications and wish to deactivate your account entirely. The procedure is straightforward, and you’ll be done in about a minute. However, think about it first to ensure that you want to do it before losing all of your data and material.

1. Open your Profile.

2. Tap on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner to open Settings.

3. Locate Manage My Account and choose it.

4. Choose the Delete Account option.


               NoteIf you’ve made a purchase within the app, you won’t obtain a refund.


Add an Account

Thankfully, TikTok allows you to have many accounts. This implies that if you want, you can establish a new profile without deleting your existing one. Follow these steps to create a secondary account (with the correct birthday) using a diffrerent login ID:

1. In the bottom right-hand corner, click ‘Me’.

2. In the upper right-hand corner, choose the three horizontal dots.

3. Pull down to ‘Add Account’.

4. Sign up with the right birthday, just like you did with your previous account.

Although this does not solve your birthday puzzle, it does allow you to preserve your existing account while creating a new one.

Double-Check the Info

Make sure you don’t make any blunders when registering on a platform, an app, or anything similar. You can see how a small typo can result in your account being erased — you lose access to all of your stuff and must start over. Take your time, double-check everything, and don’t create an account if you’re in a rush.

What modifications have you made to your TikTok account? Please share your thoughts in the comments box.

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