In this post, learn how to add Lyrics in Samsung Music app? or how to add lyrics to oppo music player? or how to add lyrics to music player (.LRC). You should be aware that, unlike MI Music Player, Samsung Music does not allow users to directly add the lyrics file, so we must manually create a lrc file for Samsung Music Player.

How to Add Lyrics in Samsung Music Player

Step1. First, you have to download QuickEdit Text Editor on your mobile.

Download QuickEdit Text Editor from Google Play store

Step2. Open your browser, and then you can search for an LRC file in the internet the keyboards are:

[Song Name] lrc file download
[Song Name] lyrics file download
[Song Name] lyrics download
[ Song Name] lrc download
[ Song Name] lrc file download
[Song Name] lrc
[Artist + Song Name] lrc file download
Artist + Song Name] lyrics file download
[Artist + Song Name] lyrics download
[Artist + Song Name] lrc download
[Artist + Song Name] lrc file

I am going to make an LRC file for Guru Randhawa’s latest song “Dance Meri Rani” in Samsung Music app. Now use any of these following keyboard above.

Go to the first link, and then scroll down and copy all the Lyrics format from the webpage.

Step3. Launch QuickEdit Text Editor and paste it there.

Tap on Save icon to save the file. The file must be saved in the same directory/folder as the music Mp3 file, and the file name must be the same as the song name, or you can rename it later.

Save it with the.lrc extension after writing the file name with the Same Name. Your LRC file is now ready to play.

Step 4. Now, in Samsung Music Player, play the song and tap on the synch button, the lyrics will appear.

You can also use a different music player, such as MI Music Player, Music Player (by Mobile V5), or Music Player, to play lyrics in Samsung Music Player (by Leopard V7)

Download the Lyrics File from the same website where we copied the top lyrics format.

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