Download Framaroot 1.9.3 APK [LATEST VERSION] For Free

Framaroot 1.9.3 APK: Users of Framaroot already know about the different versions of the app and their features. If you are a new user, you should know that there are different versions of the app, and Framaroot 1.9.3 version is the latest one with all new features. The latest version of the app has added features like executing scripts, one-click root, and many more. To install the latest version, you must have an Android mobile that is running Android v4.0 and higher. Download Framaroot 1.9.3 APK for Android and one-click root your mobile to get all the benefits of a rooted mobile.

The app only supports Android phones that can get root user access and can support new APK files. Older Android mobiles don’t support the installation of APK files hence it is recommended that you use the following Android operating systems to install Framaroot.

  • Android 4.0 (KitKat)
  • Android 5.0 (Lollypop)
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Android 8.0 (Oreo)

Main Features of Framaroot 1.9.3 APK

Here are the new features of Framaroot that you can use after your mobile is rooted in one click root. Remember that some of the features may not work in mobiles running Android 7.0 or higher because of the security updates.

SuperSU: After rooting with Framaroot, you can check the root status with SuperSU and get special root access to mobile.
Unroot: Never worry about damaging your mobile by rooting, you can also unroot with one click root option.
Execute scripts: If you are a developer and want to test custom scripts, Framaroot 1.9.3 App will help you.
Root your mobile securely and safely.
Never use another rooted app to root mobile. Framaroot will cater to all your needs.

Download FramaRoot 1.9.3 APK For Free

What’s New?

-Bug fixes
-Compatibility issues with Android 5.0 fixed
-New phones support
-Samsung root issues fixed

Download FramaRoot 1.9.3 APK here.

How to install?

1. To install Framaroot, first, download the APK file from above.
2. Then try installing by tapping on the file.
3. If you get an ‘installation blocked error’ you must change your security settings.
4. To do so, go to Menu>Settings>Security in your Android mobile.
5. Search for option ‘Allow unknown app installations’.
6. Tick the box to enable it.
7. Now, go to the downloads folder and click on ‘Framaroot 1.9.3 APK’
8. The app will now start installing.

How to use the one-click root in Framaroot?

1. Install the Framaroot app on mobile.
2. Connect the mobile to the internet (optional).
3. On the homepage, click on ‘Root mobile’.
4. The app will then ask permission ‘Allow root access’.
5. Click ‘yes’.
6. Framaroot will now look for any exploit in the root file to start the rooting process.
7. Once it finds an exploit, it will show that the mobile is ready to root.
8. Click ‘proceed’.
9. Framaroot will now root the mobile.
10. You will get ‘Exploit Result -Success, Binary installed’ popup.
11. Reboot the mobile.
12. Check the root status with the Root Checker app.
13. Get special root features with SuperSU.

Framaroot error checking vulnerabilities?

It is possible that you may receive an error while checking for vulnerabilities or exploits in your Android mobile. This issue can arise if you are using Framaroot with Android 7.0 and Android 8.0 systems. As these updates are very security-oriented, the root file of the mobile may make it hard to find exploits. If you get the error while checking for exploits, please use other rooting apps like:

  • TowelRoot
  • King root

Both the above apps are one click root apps that have the same functionality as Framaroot. If the same persists with the above apps, then it is clear that you are Android mobile is very secure and free of exploits. It is recommended that you root manually using a computer or use any Android mobile running a low version OS.

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