The night light is a feature in Windows that is meant to reduce the strain on your eyes when viewing the screen for extended periods. However, several users have reported that the night light is not turning off in Windows 11.

The feature is no doubt beneficial, but it does affect the display, and several users disable it. Also, many who have the night light enabled, generally go with the built-in option to activate it from sunset to sunrise.

But, viewing the screen with the feature enabled the whole day can certainly affect your experience. If you too are facing this problem, read the following sections to find out what to do when the night light is not turning off in Windows 11.

How does the night light feature work in Windows 11?

Your computer screen emits blue light, which is similar to light received from the Sun. During the day, it’s perfectly alright since the light emitted from the screen resembles the light around you.

But, during the night, when the environment tends to get dark, your eyes find it difficult to focus on bright colors. This is where night light comes into the picture. With the feature enabled, your screen starts emitting warmer colors, that gel with the surrounding.

Now, you must be wondering if the night light feature is beneficial? There are various researches conducted on the subject that suggest so. The warmer color tend to reduce the strain caused to your eyes along with inducing sleep, though the latter doesn’t work for all.

This night light feature is also available on iPhone, Macbook, and Android devices.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the feature, let’s walk you through the most effective fixes in case the night light is not turning off in Windows 11.

What do I do if the night light is not turning off in Windows 11?

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