Everything about Location Tags on Instagram

Geotagging is the process of adding “Geographical information metadata” to a media, such as location data (longitude, latitude, and so on), such as to photos taken with our phones. This is the purpose of Instagram geo-tagging.

I’ll show you how to use Instagram location tags to increase engagement on your Instagram account in this post.

How to add a Geotag to your Instagram post?

You arrive at the screen where you add a caption, tag usernames, and add a location after editing and filtering your Instagram post.

Instagram will show you “Location” around you where you were when you took the photo! If you can’t find the right location among the options, touch “>” to expand your search. Simply pick your place and post as usual.

How to add location tags to your Instagram photos after it has been posted?

If you have an iOS device, you may enable the location service so that the geotag metadata is automatically added to every photo you take. You can do so by following the instructions below:

1. Launch your iPhone settings

2. Press on the privacy site.

3. Open your location services and turn it on.

4. Make sure that any camera app you use, including Instagram, has the location service switched on.

When you upload a photo with location tags on Instagram, the platform should be able to understand the information and recommend the place when you search for it. Although it is not always accurate, you can write in your location’s name and Instagram will look for it. The issue is that we often neglect to set the location while posting on Instagram, resulting in a blank location section on our post.

Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to solve it quickly.

You can change the location tags on your Instagram posts by adding, editing, or removing them. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to your Instagram post (photo or video) to which you want to add the location.

2. At the top right of the screen, tap the Three-dot icon.

3. Click Edit on the menu.

4. Now you are led to the edit page, where you may update your caption, username tags, and add a location. Press on “Add location,” search for your location, or use the arrow to search automatically.

5. You are done.

How to add location tags to your Instagram stories?

A location sticker can be used to add a geotag to your Instagram story.

1. Add a photo or video you want to share.

2. Press on the sticker icon.

3. On the menu, select the location sticker.

4. Type your location.

5. You are done.

Having your business as a location option

For location-based enterprises, this can be extremely useful. Instagram has based on the Foursquare app’s API for location results in the geotag list of companies. The platform has the option of transferring this information to Facebook’s location data. If your business is registered as a location on either of these systems, it will appear in the geotagging search results. Keep in mind that if you establish a custom location, it will only be viewable to you. It will not make it available to the general public. Having your brand labeled as a location, on the other hand, allows Instagram users to “check-in” to your business. This is why it’s so beneficial. To begin with, anyone who clicks on that geotag location can see all of the other posts that have been uploaded to that area. This can be beneficial not just in terms of promoting your services or products, but also in terms of reaching out to a new audience. Travelers and newcomers to the area can use the geotags to determine whether or not they wish to buy from you.

These geotagged photos also make it possible to collect user-generated material (UGC). All of these posts from your audience (if they have public accounts) will appear in the geotag search, which you may share with your followers. This demonstrates to your audience that you are aware of and value your current clientele, as well as giving them a different viewpoint on your business.

How to add a custom location on Instagram?

This is how to add a custom location to Instagram step by step:

#1 Make sure your Facebook location services are turned on.

To begin, make sure your mobile Facebook app’s location services are turned on. You won’t be able to establish a new custom location unless you do so. The majority of people will have it switched on by default, so double-check it in your settings.

#2 Create a Facebook check-in status update

Create a check-in status update after logging into your Facebook app. Simply press the location button and then choose a selection from your nearby locations.

#3 Type your custom location title in the search box

To add a custom location to Instagram, tap the search box and type it in exactly how you want it to look. But keep in mind that the initial letter should be capitalized, and symbols and emojis aren’t allowed in your custom location.

#4 Tap “add” to create your custom location

Make sure everything is written correctly, then tap the “Add” button and write down the name of your custom place. The next step is to select a Category and a Location. You can choose your present location by using the “I’m here right now” button, or you can search for another area and select it instead.

To add your new custom location to the Facebook database, hit the “Create” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Hope this helps!




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