About Us

This is a civilization of modern science and technology and computer-internet is the soul of modern science. capnamanh.com has been built with a great goal. We will help them, who are facing numerous problems regarding PC (Personal Computer). The new PC users are often faced with various problems. We will try to solve their problems via this site. Nowadays, the personal computer (PC) is available at every house. New PC user can’t solve his different technical problem.

capnamanh.com is a website for sharing various informative, useful and helpful tips for advanced operating Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone etc. All about using the computer, smart mobile and internet. Sharing the latest news about software and technology.

We have created capnamanh.com for sharing some tips and tricks about technology. We will share different tips about PC/Laptop. If someone suffering from PC problem; he can contact us and we will help him via capnamanh.com. Anyone will be able to help each other via capnamanh.com.

We will share easing tips and tricks about tech/PC. We believe that capnamanh.com will be super helpful for a new pc user!.
But we are hate something like piracy and crack. We will never share any kind of crack or other materials like crack. We always inspire for sharing the open source technology and the freeware files.

We will share something about blogging, freeware software, different tutorials about various software, different PC tips n tricks for Windows-Mac-Linux and other need-able or useful tips. Thanks to my Almighty and thanks for all.