How to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing On Instagram

How to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing On Instagram


Instagram’s video autoplay is one of those essential things that isn’t going away. You’ll see vivid photographs of different people as you go through your Instagram feed, but then a video in the feed will start playing by itself. One of the reasons for Instagram’s excessive data consumption is the auto-playing of videos. Instagram provided a feature to turn off its video autoplay settings at launch, but you probably won’t able to do so now. Is that true, though? Is it true that we can’t turn off Instagram’s video autoplay? No way, no how!

If you’re annoyed with videos playing automatically on Instagram, there are a few options. You may wish to disable autoplay since it consumes a lot of mobile data, wastes your battery, or clogs your phone memory.

This method will assist you in stopping videos from auto-playing on Instagram for any reason.

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How to send a large video file from your iPhone to another device in 3 ways

How to send a large video file from your iPhone to another device in 3 ways

  • You cannot email a file larger than 25 megabytes using an iPhone, which can make it difficult to send large or long videos.
  • You can work around these file size limits to send a large video using the iPhone’s Mail Drop feature, which sends content via iCloud, or by using a third-party platform like Google Drive.
  • If you are sending a video to someone nearby, then you can transmit even very large videos directly with the iPhone’s AirDrop feature.

So, you’ve got a fantastic iPhone video that you can’t wait to show off to your friends? You can forget about sending anything by email if it’s greater than 25 gigabytes, which most videos of any kind are.

You’ll almost certainly get a “Message Not Delivered” notification if you transmit a movie that’s longer than around three and a half minutes over iMessage or text.

Luckily, there are a few options for sending huge films from your iPhone that get around these restrictions. The easiest of all is AirDrop, a built-in feature you’ve probably heard of that has no file size limit.

How to send large videos from an iPhone

Sending large videos via AirDrop

AirDrop, which sends data over Bluetooth, allows you to send huge files. They must be connected to iCloud and have Bluetooth enabled.

1. Make sure the recipient is within a dozen feet of your phone (and that AirDrop is enabled in their settings), then open the photo app and choose the video to send.

2. Choose the share button (a box with an upward-facing arrow coming out of it) in the bottom left corner of the screen.

3. Press the intended recipient’s name in the AirDrop section. The sending will begin once they confirm.

Send large videos via iCloud

You can also transmit huge files via iCloud using Mail Drop, an Apple tool.

1. Choose the video to send from the Photos app, then press the share icon.

2. Choose the mail button and wait for your phone to prepare the video.

3. Wait for a pop-up window that says, in part, “This attachment may be too large,” and offers Mail Drop as an option after you compose and send your email. To send the video via iCloud, tap Use Mail Drop. The recipient will soon be able to download it from the cloud.

Share large videos on iPhone using Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that you may use on your phone or PC. You can share any file you upload to it with anyone who has an email account.

1. Download the Google Driver app first if your device hasn’t had it yet, then open it.

2. In the app, click the colorful plus (+) icon in the bottom-right corner.

3. Choose Upload on the popup menu, then tap Photos and Videos.

4. Begin the uploading process by selecting the video to be uploaded.

5. Locate the video and hit the three dots next to it once it has been uploaded.

6. Click Share in the menu that opens.

7. Fill in any email addresses you want to send the file to in the “People” area at the top of the page.

You may now go to your Drive and share the video with anybody you choose.

What To Do When The Power Button Of Your Android Phone Is Broken?

What To Do When The Power Button Of Your Android Phone Is Broken?

A broken power button appears to be the end of your device’s life. But don’t worry; there are many options for keeping your smartphone operational even if the power button on your Android phone is broken.

Not all methods are compatible with all devices. We’ve prepared a list of options for dealing with a broken power button in this post, and you may pick the one that works best for you.

If your power button is acting up, the most critical thing you can do to keep access to your device is to enable USB debugging and Scheduled Power ON.

How To Turn ON USB  debugging on Android?

1. Launch your Settings app.

2. Select Developer Options from the menu. If Developer Options isn’t available in Settings, open About phone and press on Build number a few times until you see a pop-up window that says “You are now a developer.”

3. Turn Developer options on.

4. Locate USB debugging and press on it to turn it on.


How To Turn ON Scheduled Power ON

You can turn Scheduled power ON/OFF in Settings to automate power ON and power OFF if your device supports it. If your smartphone shuts down due to a damaged power button, you may rest certain that it will restart at a pre-determined time.

1. Open the Settings. In the upper right corner, use the search button to look for “Scheduled power ON/OFF.”

2. Toggle Power ON and choose a time for it to turn on every day.


How To Unlock Your Android Device When Power Button Doesn’t Work

There are two instances in which you can be trapped with a broken power button. It’s possible that your device is switched on or off. Try not to let your smartphone turn off because gaining control of it without a power button is considerably easier when the gadget is turned on.

Ways to restart your device with a damaged power button when the device is OFF.

  • When your device’s charge is completely exhausted, simply connecting it to the charger may be enough to restart it. To boot into the recovery menu, try pressing your volume buttons in different combinations. By pressing the Power button in there, you can select “reboot system now.”
  • Use a USB cable to connect to a PC or laptop. This step may also cause the device to reboot.
  • You can use ADB commands to restart your device if USB debugging is enabled. ADB drivers can be found here or here. After installing your device drivers, reboot your device using the “adb reboot” command. Follow the online instructions for your specific device.

How to unlock your device with a broken power button when your device is in the switched-ON state

When the device is switched on, it is significantly easier to wake the screen. You might try calling your device from a different number to get the screen to light up. The screen may also be turned on by connecting the charger or a USB cord. The touch of a fingertip will wake up devices with fingerprint sensors.

Use double-tap to wake

There are other options that can assist you in turning on your phone without using the power button. If you have the double-tap to wake function turned on, for example, you can use it to wake the screen and input the password. So, if you haven’t already, try enabling it in the Settings.

Apps can also be used to compensate for the lack of a power button. These programs can switch your screen off, wake it up, or perform the most basic function of starting up your device.

Apps to replace your power button

Note that most apps of this type make use of device administrator rights. You must first go to Settings>>Device Administrators and untick the app from the list before deleting it.

Shake to Lock/Unlock

It’s a simple app that does exactly what the name suggests. A simple shake can both wake up and switch off your display.

Gravity Screen

If your power button is broken, Gravity Screen is a fantastic app to have. When you put your phone in your pocket or on a flat surface, it might automatically turn off the screen. While the device is in motion, you can select to keep the screen on. Gravity screen allows you to customize its various sensitivities by setting your own parameters.

Power Button to Volume Button

This program can turn your volume button into a power button, allowing you to wake up your screen from sleep mode. However, you will not be able to use it to restart your device. It can also display a persistent notification in your notification panel that. When you tap on it, your screen will be turned off.

Although these apps are useful, they can be draining on your battery and shorten its life over time. Consider these apps and procedures as a temporary remedy before visiting a nearby store to get your device serviced permanently.

So, if the power button on your Android phone isn’t working, you can use one of those methods to unlock it. In terms of repairing your broken power button, there are two ways.

Hard reset your Android phone

Your malfunctioning power button could, believe it or not, be the consequence of a software issue on your phone. As a result, you should try resetting your device to restore functionality.

Check your phone’s manufacturer’s website to see whether they’ve produced a device reset tool for it. When I soft bricked my Sony Xperia while installing a custom ROM, I discovered one.

Send it for repair

If the power button is physically destroyed, resetting the phone will not cure the problem. Sending your phone in for repair is the next natural step. Maybe your phone is still under warranty, in which case you’ll be able to get it mended for free.

Were these suggestions for dealing with a broken power button helpful? Let us know what you think in the comments.


How to easily combine videos on your iPhone using the iMovie app

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone using the iMovie app

  • Using Apple’s free iMovie program, you may combine videos on your iPhone into a single video file.
  • You may use iMovie on your iPhone to assemble various videos, add transitions, and export your final video.

If you record a lot of video with your iPhone’s Camera app, you may want to use a simple video editor to polish it.

You undoubtedly already know how to trim a video’s beginning and finish points in your Photos app, but you may not be aware that Apple has a free video editing program that allows you to combine many recordings into a single, longer video.

If you haven’t already had iMovie, download and install Apple’s iMovie program to get started.

Take a look at the following items referenced in this post:

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10 fixes to try if Android hotspot is not working

10 fixes to try if Android hotspot is not working

You don’t have access to Wifi because you are on vacation, but you do have your laptop. Your cellphone data is the only thing that keeps you linked to your office. There is a pressing need to send your product proposal to an international client right now. So, what are your thoughts? Yes, you use your laptop to connect to your mobile hotspot. Your internet issues have been resolved, and you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Consider what would happen if your Android hotspot stopped operating.

You won’t be able to send the letters of clients any longer, which could be a game-changer for you as a business owner. This is why we’ve come up with some fantastic methods that will show you how to fix an Android hotspot that isn’t working. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Making sure the internet connection is available

Many Android users share their hotspot connection so that it can be used on other devices such as tablets and laptops. Even if the connection is stable, they are unable to launch any online page or application if the android hotspot is not connected to the internet. Have you ever been perplexed as to why this occurs?

If your internet plan has expired, this will occur. To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you set a daily data plan restriction. If all of this seems too much for you, call your service provider and request that they enroll you on a plan with unlimited data per day.

Turning off the Wifi and switching it back on

There’s a risk that your wifi is having trouble getting the connection in some circumstances. In this instance, you could try turning off wifi and then on again. Go to the top edge of your Android phone and swipe down the bar from there. There is a wifi option available there. It should be turned off and then on again.

Restarting your phone 

Computers and smartphones have similar functioning mechanisms. When your computer unexpectedly hangs, your first reaction is to shut it down. After restarting it, you’ll see that it’s running smoothly again. The same thing occurs with your Android phone. As soon as you restart your phone, it clears off a number of problems, glitches, logs, and device cache. So all you need to fix the Android hotspot no internet problem is a simple restart.

Recreating your hotspot

This essentially means deleting the old password and replacing it with the new one on your hotspot. Replacing your old password with a new one is a good idea. You’ve just created a new hotspot for your Android device by doing so. We’ll move on to the next solution if this one doesn’t work.

Turn off the power-saving mode

Since you turned off power saving mode, your Android device’s hotspot is having trouble. Follow the instructions below to solve it.

  • Go to your phone’s settings menu and select the battery option.
  • Now turn off the power saving mode by tapping on it.
  • Check your hotspot connection once more after that. This should resolve your problem.

Checking the bandwidth

The most recent smartphones use a 5GHz frequency. Others do not have this feature. This implies that even if you employed a technique to force your Android to use the 5GHz frequency, your hotspot will fail if your phone does not support it.

To resolve this problem, follow the steps below.

  • First, make sure your Android phone is set to the supported bandwidth of 2.4Ghz.
  • To do so, go to the settings menu and select Network & Internet.
  • Then, touch on the hotspot and tethering option, and then click on wifi hotspot.
  • You will take an option called the AP band. Here choose the option known as 2.4Ghz

If this does not resolve the problem, we will proceed to the next step.

Checking the receiving device

It’s possible that your hotpot is working great, but your receiving device is having problems. Because the receiving device may have a hardware or software issue, your hotspot is unable to maintain a stable connection.

Factory reset

Factory resetting your phone would mean that all your data will be wiped out and your phone will start as if it was new. For this, you need to head over to your settings tab and then search for factory reset. This will wipe out all the glitches in your phone and it will start fresh. Now check your wifi connection again to see if it is working properly.

Finding out a phone service provider

If none of the above suggestions work, it’s time to seek the help of a reputable phone repair provider. Carlcare enters the picture at this point. Carlcare pops up when people think of resolving cellphone troubles for Infinix, TECNO, or itel. If your TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone’s hotspot isn’t working, find a Carlcare repair center near you to get it fixed.

Additional mention:  

If your hotspot isn’t connected for more than a few minutes, the new generation of smartphones has a feature that turns it off. This could cause problems with your hotspot. To avoid this, switch off the option that says “turning on the wifi automatically.”

To make this solution work, use the following syntax: network and internet > wifi hotspot > switch off the wifi.

How to Charge Your Phone Without a Charger

How to Charge Your Phone Without a Charger

What to Know:

In an airport, coffee shop, the base of a hotel lamp, or a laptop, plug a USB or phone-compatible cable into a USB port.

Before you leave the house, charge a portable battery pack and use it to charge your phone.

Look for a USB port in your vehicle. Start the car and connect the phone if you discover one.

If you don’t have a phone charger, this article shows how to charge your phone, including using a hand-crank charger or a solar charger. All of these solutions require either a charging cable or a wireless charging pad that is compatible with your iPhone or Android device.

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How to Speed up Video on an iPhone

How to Speed up Video on an iPhone

What to Know:

Click Albums > Slo-mo.> pick a slo-mo video > Edit in the Photos App. To modify the speed, use the vertical lines at the bottom. Don’t forget to tap Done.

iMovie: Choose Create Project > Movie > Media > Video > Slo-mo > pick video > checkmark > Create Movie > Click video timeline.

Then hit the clock symbol, then drag the speed control slider to the 1x position next to the rabbit. Don’t forget to choose Done.

Using the Photos app and iMovie, this article explains how to adjust the video speed of slo-mo iPhone videos to standard speed. All iPhone models running iOS 13 and later are covered by these instructions. The main concepts apply to previous versions of iOS as well, though the processes may vary slightly.

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How to Download and Watch Google Drive Movies

How to Download and Watch Google Drive Movies

What to Know:

The simplest method is to conduct a Google search using the following terms: movies.

Then select the link > Play to see a movie.

Choose Download > Add to My Drive to see later. Choose Download from your Google Drive and view with a program like VLC.

This post will show you how to discover, download, and view films from Google Drive. The steps are applicable to both Windows and Mac computers.

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iPhone or iPad keeps shutting off? Here’s how to fix it!

iPhone or iPad keeps shutting off? Here’s how to fix it!


If your iPhone or iPad keeps shutting down for no apparent reason, these tips might just help!

If your iPhone continues shutting down without your permission (or due to an exhausted battery), you may be able to resolve the issue without visiting an Apple shop. As long as your phone’s battery or other internals aren’t the issues, resolving it could be as simple as following a few simple steps. Try out these ideas before making your support appointment. Let’s hope they can get your device up and running again!

1. Force Restart

If your iPhone keeps shutting down, won’t charge, or crashes, it’s time to perform a hard reset. A hard reset can help even if the device is truly shutting down on its own or rapidly depleting the battery due to rogue processes, Wi-Fi, or cellular radio activity.

How to force restart an iPhone 8 or newer

Here’s how to force a restart on an iPhone 8 or higher, as well as any iPhone or iPad with Face ID.

1. Press and drop the volume up button quickly.

2. Press and drop the volume down button quickly.

3. Hold down the side button for a few seconds. When you see the Apple logo, release the side button.

How to force restart an iPhone 7 or earlier

1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume Down button at the same time on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.
Note: On an iPhone 6s, iPad with Home button, or older device, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time.

2. Hold the button combination down until an Apple logo shows on the screen (your iPhone screen will go dark before the Apple logo appears). A white starting screen will appear on iOS devices with white faceplates. A black starting screen will appear on iOS devices with black faceplates.

3. You can let off of the button combo once the launch screen appears.

Check to determine if your iPhone or iPad remains on and functional after it has rebooted. Continue to the next step if it doesn’t (or won’t) reboot.

2. Plug in

Plug in your iPhone or iPad if it is rapidly draining. You should see it start to charge once the charging cable is in place, and you’ll be able to view the battery level. Your battery has been drained if it indicates little to no charge. You may have another issue if it indicates a partially or fully charged battery.

Connect your iOS device to its charging cord in either case, plug it into an outlet or USB port, and begin charging. Allow an hour for it to charge. Try a new charging cable, a different USB outlet socket, or a different USB port on your computer if it doesn’t seem to be responding. Keep an eye on your iPhone or iPad once it’s fully charged to see if it shuts down again. If not, that’s fantastic! if so, keep going on reading.

3. Restore

After you’ve tried the simple repairs, it’s time to move on to the more difficult ones. In this scenario, you should use iTunes to restore your iPhone or iPad. iTunes is more secure than iCloud because it offloads, reinstalls, and reloads your data instead of doing everything in-place and on your device. Even a hard reset or an iCloud restore may not be enough to shake loose harmful elements, but it can sometimes.


4. Contact Apple

If you’ve tried all of the above and your iPhone is still shutting down, there’s a chance you’re dealing with a more serious issue. Batteries can fail, and circuits can short, just like any other electronic gadget. If you have AppleCare+, don’t walk, sprint to get your device repaired. If you don’t, let estimate and weigh the cost of repair to the cost of innovating the equipment.

If you aren’t nearby an Apple Store, you may schedule a mail-in repair by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE. You may have to pay for the call if you don’t have AppleCare, but it’s better than having a dead iPhone or iPad.

Your fixes?

Let us know whether one of the above workarounds worked for you if you were experiencing sporadic iPhone shutdowns. Please let us know if something else worked!



How to Highlight in Excel

How to Highlight in Excel


Choosing to highlight cells in Excel can be a fantastic method to draw attention to specific data or words, or to improve readability in a large file. Excel allows you to highlight both cells and text, and the colors can be totally modified to meet your needs. Here’s how to use Excel to highlight text.

             Note: This article’s instructions are applicable to Excel 2019, 2016, and Excel for Microsoft 365.

How to Highlight Cells in Excel


Within a Microsoft Excel document, cells are the boxes that hold text, albeit many are also completely empty. Excel cells, both empty and full, can be customized in a variety of ways, including having a colored highlight applied to them.

1. Go to the Microsoft Excel document on your device.

                NoteIn case you’re new to Excel and haven’t yet generated a document, you can start with one of the many free Excel templates available.

2. Choose a cell you want to highlight.

               Tip: Let choose a cell, hold Shift, and then pick another in Excel to select a group of cells. Alternatively, you can pick individual cells that are not adjacent to one another by holding down Ctrl.

3. Choose Home, then choose Cell Styles at the top menu.

4. A menu appears with a choice of cell color selections. Hover your mouse cursor over each color to see a real-time preview of the Excel file’s cell color change.

5. Pick the highlight color you want when you’ve found it to apply the modification.

              Tip: Press Ctrl+Z to restore the cell highlight if you want to change your mind.

6. Repeat the same for any other cells you want to highlight.

              TipChoose the numbers on the document’s side or the letters at the top to choose all of the cells in a column or row.

How to Highlight Text in Excel


You can do that also to highlight words in Excel rather than the entire cell. When you merely want to modify the color of the words in a cell, here’s how to highlight them in Excel.

1. Go to your Microsoft Excel document.

2. Double-click the cell containing text you’d like to modify.

 TipYou may need to modify your mouse sensitivity if you’re having problems performing a double-click.

3. To highlight the words you want to colorize, hold down the left mouse button and drag it across them. A small menu pops up.

4. To utilize the default color choice, pick the Font Color icon in the tiny menu, or pick the arrow next to it to select a custom color.

TipAs in Microsoft Word and other text editing tools, you can utilize this menu to apply bold or italics style settings.

5. In the appear color palette, choose a text color.

6. The color is applied to the text that has been chosen. To deselect the cell, choose somewhere else in the Excel document.

How to Create a Microsoft Excel Highlight Style


In Microsoft Excel, there are numerous default cell style selections. If none of the current options appeal to you, you can develop your own particular style.

1. Go to a Microsoft Excel document.

2. Choose Home, then choose Cell Styles.

3. Choose New Cell Style.

4. Write a name for the new cell style and then tap Format.

5.  In the Format Cells window, choose Fill.

6. From the palette, select a fill color. To make more adjustments to the new style, click the Alignment, Font, or Border tabs, and then select OK to save it.

NoteYour own cell style should now appear at the top of the Cell Styles menu.

Hope this helps!